"Gender equality is smart economics." – The World Bank

Women today influence nearly 75% of purchasing decisions in the US and 65% globally, amounting to over $20 trillion of consumer spending. Research also shows that investing in strategies to advance women and girls yields a double dividend as women are more likely than men to put their income back into their families and communities, driving illiteracy and mortality rates down and GDP up. As a result, no enterprise seeking to contribute to global progress or compete for global growth can afford to ignore this fast-emerging force.

Through the lens of economic empowerment, law and public affairs, Seneca Point Global provides organizations with strategic advice and implementation of programs focused on advancing, engaging and partnering with women and girls.



Seneca Point Global works with the world’s leading governments, companies, philanthropic institutions and individuals to create shared value—advancing women and girls while driving sustainable results. This includes: 

  • Thought leadership, communications and brand strategy

  • Partnerships and outreach across the private, public and non-profit sectors

  • Workplace culture and employee training and engagement


Seneca Point Global is a center for thought leadership and research focused on women’s economic and legal participation, including:

  • Industry, partnership and landscape analysis

  • Country research and assessment

  • Case studies and enterprise analysis


Seneca Point Global drives impact by leading industry sessions and collaborations on topics relating to women’s economic and legal participation.

  • Business, corporate social responsibility and philanthropic projects focused on women and girls

  • Action-driven convenings

  • Cross-sector partnerships and collaborations


To learn more, contact us at [email protected].