More than 1.7 million men and women have committed to take action against gender bias, discrimination and violence, all thanks to the efforts of the UN Women-backed nonprofit HeforShe. Led by influencers like Emma Watson, and with support from leaders in Rwanda, the U.S., Mexico and more, HeforShe is changing the way the world views women and getting men to join the fight. Want to get involved? Use the hashtag #HeforShe. 

Girl Rising

130 million girls around the world are missing from classrooms, kept out by the need to work, the pressure to get married or by cultural strictures. Girl Rising is working to change that number by educating and empowering girls to be equal participants in society. Getting girls into schools is the best way to end global poverty. As the Girl Rising site says: An educated girl is more likely to stay healthy, save money, build a business, have fewer and healthier children, educate her children and innovate in her community.

Room to Read

We often take reading for granted, so it’s easy to forget the people who taught us, the time it took and the resources we needed to learn this vital skill. Room to Read brings the benefits of reading to millions of children in low-income communities worldwide, with a focus on literacy and gender-equality in education. The investment into children’s literacy transforms not only their lives but also their communities for generations to come.  So far Room to read has helped more than 10.7 million children and distributed over 20.5 million books. 

National Domestic Workers Alliance

Often overlooked or taken from granted, this country’s domestic workers have a powerful champion in the National Domestic Workers Alliance, which advocates for those working as housekeepers, nannies, homecare and eldercare workers and more. The goal: to improve working conditions and to develop impactful campaigns to bring about policy changes, workforce development and social innovation. Programs include We Belong Together and Caring Across Generations

National Women's Law Center

Back in 1972, the National Women’s Law Center launched when the secretaries at a public-interest law firm presented four demands: better pay for women, more women staff attorneys, work on women’s rights and no serving coffee. They succeeded, and over the past four decades the NWLC has promoted and protected gender equality and opportunities for women and families, tackling topics ranging from child care to reproductive rights to workplace issues. 

Women Voices Women Vote Action Fund

WVWVAF mobilizes a population they refer to as the Rising American Electorate, which includes unmarried women, people of color and millennials, to vote and make their voices heard in our democracy. The Rising American Electorate makes up the majority of the U.S. population at 56.7%, but not everyone exercises their right to vote. By closing the gap between voters who can vote and voters who do vote, WVWVAF is bringing often unheard voices to the political discussion and advocating for change. 


Founded in 1987 by tech pioneer Dr. Anita Borg as a digital community for women, AnitaB.org has become a leading organization for women in technology, serving over 50 countries and working with Fortune 500 companies and academic institutions. The nonprofit amplifies the influence of women on technology with events for organizations, “toolboxes” for workers and community blogs. 


PowerPlay is the only girl-focused organization in NYC that offers girls the opportunity to learn sports, helps at all ability levels and integrates health, life skills and education into sports. The nonprofit combats the decline in confidence girls face between elementary school and high school and creates strong leaders for the future. The result: girls get a chance to make friends, do better in school and be a part of something. 

Off the Sidelines

Off The Sidelines is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s call to action to encourage every woman and girl to make their voice heard on the issues they care about. Raising your voice truly can change the world. Because when women embrace the fact that their voices matter — with their vote, with their advocacy, and even with their candidacy — they can make all the difference. Whether by changing the nature of the political debate, registering to vote and holding elected leaders accountable at the ballot box, supporting candidates who share your values, or even running for office yourself YOU can make a difference.

Kirsten believes that if more women are elected to office and have a seat at the decision-making table, the outcomes will be better. Since the launch of the Off the Sidelines campaign, nearly $3 million dollars has been directly raised for women candidates to ensure they have the resources needed to win. In addition, Kirsten recently unveiled a women’s economic policy agenda aimed squarely at giving working women and their families a fair shot in the new economy. With your help and support, we can continue to help change the face of Congress to better represent the diversity of America and focus on the issues that matter most.

Whether it’s in the classroom, the boardroom, Congress or at home, every woman can affect change in ways both big and small.

Human Rights First

Human Rights First is an independent advocacy and action organization that challenges America to live up to its ideals. The organization believes American leadership is essential in the global struggle for human rights, so it presses the U.S. government and private companies to respect human rights and the rule of law. When they fail, the group steps in to demand reform, accountability and justice. Around the world, HRF works where it can best harness American influence to secure core freedoms.  

Legal Services NYC

Legal Services NYC fights poverty and seeks justice for low-income residents of NYC. For more than 40 years, Legal Services NYC have provided civil legal services that help clients meet their essential needs and have challenged systemic injustices that keep them poor. Legal Services NYC is the largest civil legal services provider in the country, with deep roots in all of the communities served. While specialized practice units deliver expert, high quality legal services, the office collaborate with public-interest providers, pro bono attorneys, courts, community and client-run organizations, and government agencies to bring about lasting and effective change. Legal Services NYC's more than 50 neighborhood-based offices and outreach sites across all five boroughs of the City service over 60,000 New Yorkers annually.

Sauti Yetu Center for African Women and Families

Sauti Yetu is a multi-issue community-based organization that works with African immigrant women and families both in the New York City metropolitan area and nationally. Sauti Yetu’s services are evidence-based, focused on sustainability, and designed to leverage each woman and family’s strengths and resilience to develop solutions to problems that create barriers to their political and economic self-sufficiency and personal well-being.

Pro Mujer

Pro Mujer is a leading women's development organization that has been providing women in Latin America with the vital services necessary to become financially independent, healthy and leaders in their communities since 1990. Pro Mujer understands that women hold the key to raising themselves and their children out of poverty.

Financial Services

Pro Mujer provides its clients with a variety of services that help them to start or grow a small business, improve their living conditions and protect their families against unforseen emergencies. These services include:

  • Small, general and seasonal business loans
  • Savings accounts
  • Life insurance

Business and Empowerment Training

Capacity-building workshops provide clients with the knowledge to become more economically independent and informed decision-makers.

  • Business Skills and Financial Literacy: Clients learn the fundamentals of how to run and grow a business and how to assess and keep track of the competition, so they can make sound financial decisions.
  • Empowerment: Domestic violence, communication and leadership skills and gender issues are just some of the subjects addressed to help clients build self-esteem and confidence.

High-Quality, Low-Cost Primary Health Care

Preventive health education and primary healthcare are crucial for Pro Mujer's clients. An illness can be detrimental not only to their health, but also to their businesses and savings. Nutrition and hygiene are just some of the topics discussed in preventive health education workshops.

To help prevent and diagnose health problems, Pro Mujer runs stationary and mobile clinics, staffed by doctors and/or nurses. Pro Mujer also partners with local healthcare organizations to ensure that clients have immediate access to care when they need it.

Grameen America

Founded by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus, Grameen America is dedicated to helping women who live in poverty build small businesses to create better lives for their families. Grameen America offers microloans, training and support to transform communities and fight poverty in the United States.

Women's Refugee Commission

The Women's Refugee Commission improves the lives and protects the rights of women, children and youth displaced by conflict and crisis. They research their needs, identify solutions and advocate for programs and policies to strengthen their resilience and drive change in humanitarian practice. Since their founding in 1989, the WRC has been a leading expert on the needs of refugee women and children, and the policies that can protect and empower them. Their vision is a world in which refugee and internally displaced women, children and youth: are safe, healthy and self-reliant; have their human rights respected and protected; and inform and drive their own solutions and development.

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future. IRC teams provide health care, infrastructure, learning and economic support to people in 40 countries, with special programs designed for women and children. Every year, the IRC resettles thousands of refugees in 22 U.S. cities.

Women in Film

Women In Film is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for women, encouraging creative projects by women, and expanding and enhancing portrayals of women in all forms of global media. Given that women comprise 50 percent of the population, WIF’s ultimate goal is to see the same gender parity reflected on and off screen. Their educational programming includes a Speaker Series, featuring filmmakers and industry leaders across many areas of entertainment, who share valuable insights into the art and craft of film, television, and media-making; the WIF Film Finishing Fund (FFF), a highly-respected grant program that has awarded millions in cash and in-kind services to over two hundred films from countries all over the globe; the WIF Scholarship Program—offering women of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to create careers in film, television, communications, and new media—by awarding scholarships to female students at major film schools in the Los Angeles area and other parts of the country … and the WIF PSA Production Program that selects nonprofit organizations in Southern California to receive a pro bono PSA.

In 2012, Women In Film and Sundance Institute cofounded the Female Filmmakers Initiative to foster gender parity for women behind the camera. They commissioned a three-year landmark study of female directors by Professor Stacy Smith and her team at USC’s Annenberg School, which garnered extensive media attention and is the foundation of an ACLU action to expose and combat gender discrimination in Hollywood. Their next step in advocacy work is to address issues of systemic change. Women In Film are designing pilot programs and projects that can be executed in key sectors of our industry to get us on par with our male colleagues.