Gbowee Peace Foundation

The organization envisions a peaceful, reconciled and empowered Africa that is responsible for investing in sustained individual and collective growth and development. Reflecting an institutional conviction – and international consensus – that peaceful, sustained development requires the meaningful participation and advancement of women and youth, the Foundation focuses its efforts on advancing the breadth of educational and leadership development opportunities for these key groups. A comprehensive scholarship program, youth empowerment activities and women’s gatherings comprise the Foundation’s core work. GPFA has two main Program areas - Education and Leadership. For its Educational track, the Foundation aims to meet the educational and human development needs of young people in Africa by providing scholarship opportunities to students meeting set criteria. GPFA also provides socio-economic opportunities for its targeted population through skills training, to enable economic independence and the attainment of future goals. The Leadership track is set to develop a fresh class of African Leaders and Entrepreneurs. To guarantee a continental community that can boast of this kind of innovative leadership, GPFA is partnering with respectable and proven global leaders in various fields, to serve as nurturers and mentors for this transformation. Through its Annual Youth Gatherings and Camps, GPFA will create a platform for young people to engage continental and world leaders on socio-economic, political and cultural governance. Additionally, a service-learning environment where young people are empowered to take ownership in giving back to their communities will be created.