The Posse Foundation

The Posse Foundation, founded in 1989, is an organization that encourages academic excellence by placing students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential in groups of 10 students. Each year, four-year, full-tuition scholarships are awarded by the foundation’s partners. These groups are multicultural, diverse in race and income, and encourage collaboration and teamwork so each Posse Scholar learns important leadership and problem-solving skills, and has a group of friends to provide the support they need to excel academically and in life. The three goals of The Posse Foundation are to expand the pools from which top colleges and universities admit students, to help these institutions build more interactive environments so they can be more welcoming for people from all backgrounds, and to train these leaders of tomorrow by ensuring Posse Scholars stay in school and graduate.

Posse Scholars also benefit from the Career Program which gives them access to internships, workshops, coaching, and help with applying for fellowships.