Women LEAD

Women LEAD aims to provide young women in Nepal with the skills, support and opportunities to become leaders and change-makers in their schools, communities, nation and world. The Women LEAD program is built on successful girls’ leadership program models. It aims to:

  • Empower & Equip with the tools to become leaders: The signature LEAD program empowers 30 high school students every year with the tools and skills to succeed and lead through a deep-dive into youth leadership and civic activism.
  • Build Networks and Safe Spaces: The Women LEAD community provides a safe spaces for young women leaders to exchange ideas, participate in activities for self-reflection and discovery, and raise awareness about girls’ leadership. The community of peers, adult role models and mentors in Nepal provides a support system that will help them face the challenges of advocating for a gender equal society.
  • Expand Opportunities for leadership and networking: Women LEAD opens doors for young women in Nepal by connecting them with people and opportunities. Through a mentorship program, meetings with ambassadors and policy makers, and memberships in youth councils and networks, Women LEAD amplifies their voices and expands their awareness about the issues facing their communities and nation.