Seneca Women is a global leadership community centered on the principle that advancing women and girls will fast forward us to a more equitable and prosperous world. Through connections to impactful non-profits, professional and global networks, leadership programs, events and other resources, Seneca Women is committed to helping women know their power, find their purpose and connect to people, ideas and opportunities. There are few moments in history where we can move fast and forward—our moment is now!

Seneca Point Global is a unique advisory firm built on a growing body of research that demonstrates that when women progress, the world progresses. We work with governments, companies, philanthropic institutions and individuals, providing strategy, research and implementation of business and philanthropic projects focused on women and girls.

Learn more about the founders and authors, Ambassador Melanne Verveer and Kim Azzarelli.

Fast Forward Principles


We are on the cusp of a global paradigm shift: women command resources, skills and power at an unprecedented scale. And as they ascend, women are increasingly using their power for purpose.


Power backed by purpose propels women to create success and meaning in their own lives while bringing about a better world—often by advancing other women and girls. 


Connecting with others is the key to turning your power and purpose into action. This can be accomplished through today's women-led networks: purposeful, inclusive and impactful.


Fast Forward Weekly Briefing

Our weekly newsletter provides timely information on news, events and activities that enable every woman to Fast Forward her life. There are inspiring articles on achieving success and meaning, ideas for ways to make a difference for women and girls and updates on women-focused events.


The Book

A guide for women looking to achieve success while finding meaning and purpose in work and life, Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose is filled with the wisdom of more than 70 women leaders, and also offers a hands-on practical toolkit for action. Now in paperback.

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